We know the importance of living in a comfortable and welcoming space, where each space in the house feels unique. We will help you design your home.

How we work?

Every project we do is personalized! We design according to your needs and what you want so much. We will help you choose materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, everything you need to create a unique atmosphere.

We will have a meeting to see the place and for you to tell us what the home you imagine is like.

The result will be a sketch (preliminary project) where you can see and analyze the proposal that you want so much, you can make up to 3 modifications, once everything is approved we will address the final project and budget, once accepted we can begin to execute that dream that you want so much.

About me

I am Agustín Santillán Irazuzta.

In my blood I carry perseverance, curiosity and the instinct to undertake, as a seal.

Throughout my life I have worked on big projects, those that we see in magazines and that sometimes seem far from our reach.

I trained in Argentina and then my professional adventure began, working in different places such as Spain and Brazil.

At the beginning of 2021 I decided to settle in Mallorca to create my new home.

If you have ever wanted to have the home of your dreams, we can make it happen.

My mission is that together we create that space that you want so much. We invite you to design the home of your dreams.

As an Interior Designer and Landscape Architect I will help you create a unique space.

I invite you to meet us and let’s undertake this project together.

How can I help you?

We can meet you so you can tell us about the project.

If you are in Mallorca, we will organize a visit to the place and take your ideas to make real your dream. Or maybe, if you are in another place, you will send us all the information we request in order to begin developing the preliminary project.